Guidelines to some Traditional Chinese Marriage Ceremony

Like western wedding events, a Chinese marriage ceremony needs sufficient time for correct preparation. For any traditional Chinese marriage ceremony, you will find significant variations such as the traditional color for that wedding gown and also the essential adornments. If you’re planning to carry a conventional Chinese marriage ceremony, then listed here are five considerations to prepare:


Wedding adornments that celebrate the big event and need the pair happiness are needed for that bride’s home along with the reception desk. Welcoming banners should also be placed up in your home the pair is going to be getting into. Such as the wedding attire, traditional Chinese wedding adornments are manufactured from red material along with other lively, vibrant colors.

Big Day Rituals for that Couple

Around the morning from the big day, the wedding couple goes through different rituals. The bride to be have a shang tou (hair dressing) ritual performed on her behalf with a lady that has living relatives for example parents, spouse, or children to create her best of luck. Meanwhile, your daughter’s groom goes via a capping ceremony. With this area of the wedding, it is advisable to organize the items needed in addition to inform those who is going to be involved.

Wedding Door Game

This is an additional essential area of the traditional Chinese wedding that tests just how much your daughter’s groom cares and is aware of the bride to be. With this game, the bride’s buddies will need to block your daughter’s groom from going within the bride’s home by asking them questions concerning the bride’s personality, habits, favorite things, and so on. To win his way, your daughter’s groom will need to answer the questions and supply li shi (token money) in red envelopes.

Wedding Ritual and Tea Ceremony

In regular weddings, the pair exchange vows. Inside a traditional Chinese wedding, the pair kneels or bows three occasions towards the paradise and earth, ancestral tablets, their parents, and, finally, to one another. Once this ritual is performed, the bride to be will serve tea towards the parents and relatives so as of seniority. She, consequently, receives gifts like jewellery and li shi.

Chinese Wedding Attire

The marriage attire is a valuable part of the Chinese marriage ceremony. However, unlike Western traditions in which white-colored may be the colour of choice, The chinese prefer the bride put on red. It is because red connotes pleasure and best of luck. It is advisable to take some time in finding the right red wedding attire. During your search, however, it is important to be aware that the traditional Chinese wedding gown for ladies is generally a one-piece dress known as a qipao or even the cheongsam. Men, however, usually put on front-closing tunics known as da gua. Both men’s and women’s attire are usually adorned with golden phoenix and dragon designs. For that wedding footwear, try to choose red or silver wedding footwear to complement clothing.

Wedding Food

The primary dish for any wedding is fish, because the pronunciation of fish in Chinese is identical for “abundance.” Serving fish around the big day is really a want the pair to possess wealth. Apart from fish, china wedding banquet includes roast suckling pig that is representative of the bride’s wholesomeness, chicken cooked in red oil to indicate the phoenix and success, lobster, known as dragon shrimp, and pigeon that symbolizes a peaceful future.

A conventional Chinese marriage ceremony is like every other wedding meaning required effort and time for that preparation. The doorway game and morning rituals around the big day result in the event more memorable and exciting. However, to guarantee the ceremony goes easily, it is advisable to organize for that five things the standard Chinese wedding involves, which we’ve discussed today. Ready them well and not just will the wedding do well however the whole marriage is going to be too.

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