Using eBay to produce Your Tee Shirt Company

eBay became a member of the Fortune 500 ranks in the year 2006, and it has been continuously climbing in the rankings since. Vast sums of customers now browse eBay every single day, which makes it an excellent platform for launching your personal T-shirt label/company.

To get this done, you essentially require the T-shirts you want to sell, a video camera, along with a computer with internet and email access. It is also best to possess a name for your brand on eBay, preferably one that is memorable and can stick out in the crowd. Most sellers on eBay offer PayPal and charge card as payment methods, if you don’t curently have a PayPal account, make use of your brand to join up one prior to signing as selling real estate on eBay. For those who have lots of products to market, consider going one step further and establishing an eBay store – this makes it simpler to keep an eye on all of them.

1. Photograph each T-shirt individually. Make use of a tripod (for those who have one), take shots from the couple of different angles, and make certain you highlight any special options that come with the T-shirts. Without having anybody to model the shirts for you personally, hang them on the mannequin or perhaps a hanger. The best background is generally a solid colour, since it focuses attention in your product. Images are essential because they are the main feature on eBay – you’ll increase your odds of creating a sale by utilizing obvious, sharp pictures, popped and brightened if required.

2. List your products on eBay. Complete the title box to recognize the article’s brand, name, size and colour, using as numerous accurate keywords (descriptive nouns) as you possibly can within the 55 character heading limit. Keep in mind that the title is crucial to look results! Also complete the outline box, including any other size information and shipping details/guidelines (e.g. insurance). Range from the tag “NEW” to point the T-shirt is not utilized by others.

3. Look into the wording of the ads. Help make your advertisements readable with short, concise sentences and summary sentences, and steer clear of spelling mistakes – they diminish your professional image and therefore are off-putting to numerous prospective customers.

4. Upload and insert the images from the T-shirts for every listing. If needed, adjust the images to ensure they are look as good as you possibly can.

5. Cost the clothes, and when relevant, set the time-frame for that auction. Make certain the shipping charges you are charging are reasonable.

6. Market your listings with the addition of links to blogs, online listings and websites (for example Facebook) to highlight your products on eBay. Let the world know your T-shirt business exists!

7. Package the T-shirts nicely when you are getting a purchase, and ship them quickly. Create a positive status on your own on eBay and you will get more customers.

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